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Young Professionals involved in Social Media for Agricultural Development? This is for you!

Boot Camp - Social Media for Agricultural Development

Have you heard about the GLF COP19 Social Media BootCamp Program organised by CGIAR (the Global Agricultural Research Partnership) in cooperation with The Global Landscapes Forum ?

In the frame of their continuous support to young professionals in the field of agriculture, CGIAR has waived the entry fee for 2 YPARD members (US$1,400). Mind, Candidates will still have to fund their travel, accommodation and daily expenses.

Chance will be given to young professionals (up to 40 years old) who will prove to fulfill the requirements for the bootcamp participants, as defined in the initial CGIAR announcement. This is not an induction training but a bootcamp for advanced professionals in social media.

Reminder on some key criteria for successful candidates:

  • Be less than 40 years old
  • Work for a non-profit organisation or an educational institute
  • Manage a social media team or coordinate the social media outreach for an organisation
  • Proven expertise/experience with at least five social media outlets
  • Be able and willing to participate in the entire six day exercise, including the actual social reporting exercise at the GLF

If you are interested in this opportunity and fit these criteria, please send a CV and an expression of Motivation showing your experience on social media and how you plan to put in practice what you would gain from this bootcamp.

Don't forget you need to be a YPARD member to apply, that's to say registered on (for free)

Please, send your application to with subject line: [GLFCOP19 Social media BootCamp - YOUTH] before Wednesday 18th, September.

Picture courtesy Sandra Caya (CIFOR)