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Bloggers and co wanted! - youth and landscapes

river - (c) Marina CherbonnierThe Global Landscapes Forum is giving a central place to young professionals by kicking its 2days event with a TedX-style youth session – “Youth: The Future of Sustainable Landscapes” - on the very first morning - 16 November - at the UNFCC COP19, in Warsaw, Poland.

About 8 inspirational speakers will take the floor on-site to discuss the issues and actions to be taken for youth empowerment in the natural resources sector. E-discussions on key issues are already on-going and you are welcome to join! Besides the youth session will be webcasted so that you will be able to follow and contribute online; you can already get updated on key contents via twitter and facebook.

What more? You may have a success story to share or a couple of insights to express about youth’s key role in natural resources sector. You may think that a comment on the e-discussions’ string won’t be sufficient to present fully your case. Fair enough! Here is an alternative:

Write a blog post about your own experience or ideas for tackling youth’s issues in landscapes sector. Please submit your blog post at with a picture and appropriate credit. This will be reviewed and posted on as the main channel.

So, to recapitulate how you can get involved:

Who said Young people do not have means to get a voice? We are eager to hear about you and we need your input! We can’t do anything for the youth without the youth - in other words, this is YOUR session!

"But what do you mean by landscapes, exactly?", you ask. The landscapes approach provides a broad framework that can fully integrate agriculture and forests into a sustainable development agenda. Learn more about landscapes approach and landscapes for sustainable agriculture.

Picture credit: Marina Cherbonnier