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Young entrepreneurs called to express their needs!

Incubator: getting started with your business...Starting a business is difficult. There is a lot to know and do, it is exhausting and expensive, and there are many moving parts. On top of that, as you also know only too well, money is usually tight. How do you balance the financial needs of renting space, hiring staff, building a brand, and launching a business? It's almost like deciding which of your children deserves to be fed - they all need to eat.

KYMA Ventures is an incubator program designed to help new startups with some of the most vexing issues they face by providing work space, support services, networking opportunities and entrepreneurship training.

In order to continue to serve the startup eco-system better, KYMA Ventures need the help of youth entrepreneurs from Africa, North America and Asia under the age of 30 to fill a very short survey.

KYMA Ventures founded by Tiburce Chaffa is a global initiative that is born out of the will of passionate youth that stand their ground against unemployment across the world. Tiburce Chaffa is a speaker and social entrepreneur from Benin Republic in West Africa and currently lives in New York. He is also Entrepreneurship Program, Global events and Advocacy Specialist at GYIN and a One Young World Ambassador.

Please do fill the survey before: September 4, 2013