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GCARD2 Youth e-discussions kicking-off

Bring out the voice of the youth on several issues related to capacity development in agricultural research for development. Join one of three online groups according to your topic of interest, and share your ideas on youth engagement, from Monday 3 September until 14 September 2012:
  • Agricultural innovation systems -> What are steps towards greater engagement with youth to create stronger agricultural innovation systems?
  • Value and reward systems -> What are or could be incentives and reward systems for young people to choose agriculture for their career?
  • Changes in curricula -> What are the new skills and competencies required in new professionals in agriculture and rural development?
Each e-group will prepare a draft proposal for presentation at the youth preparatory meeting at GCARD2 in October, which will be further developed and refined based on discussion and feedback from attendees. The final versions will be fed into the Global Conference for Agricultural Research for Development 2 - GCARD plenary. Participate to the e-discussions. This is an opportunity for you to network, become more engaged with international AR4D and provide your input into high level discussions. If you have any question or doubt, please write to us at . We are eager to hear from you and we value your input! (Please note that YPARD reserves the right to un-publish comments that might be considered off-board, offensive or promotional.) Please, make sure you log-in to be able to contribute!